Kaisa’s Machine


klo 20:30


Saturday 38 € / 2 days 65 €

Kaisa’s Machine’s first album, In the Key of K, released in 2017, presented a mature vision of modern jazz and the seamless collaboration of a quality band in the form of Mäensivu’s compositions. With the new album, which will be released in the summer of 2023, Mäensivu’s new, energetic sound world, which also includes pop hooks, will be revealed. The international super ensemble gives truly their best!

The music includes the bassist-composer’s lifestyle: the sparkle of New York, the joy of playing and expressing oneself, as well as the occasional darker tones that belong to life – Nordic Noir meets New York sparkle.

Kaisa’s Machine (DK/FIN/US):
Max Zenger – sax
Rasmus Sørensen – piano
Kaisa Mäensivu – bass
Joe Peri – drs

“More impressive was the Finnish quartet, Kaisa’s Machine, led by the strong, highly musical bass presence of Kaisa Maënsivu.” – London Jazz News

“And voila: a new bright star lit up in the Finnish jazz sky – Kaisa’s Machine.” – Jazzkeittiö, Helsingin Sanomat

The ticket price includes the concert of both artists in Alandica!