Ostrobothnia Jazz Sextet


klo 19:00

Bio Savoy


Peter Nordwall – saxophone and flute
Rickard Slotte – trumpet
Mikael Långbacka – trombone
Ralf Nyqvist – piano and arrangements
Marcus Söderström – bass
Stefan Brokvist – drums

Opening enseble for festival Friday, Ostrobothnia Jazz Sextet, was founded in 2013 and have their roots in the 1960s jazz tradition. The members of OJS all come from the coastal areas of Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia or are active in the region. The group’s first album Hotel Astor (2017) is based on Argentinean musician-composer Astor Piazzolla’s music. Released last fall, De bergtagna album’s material got inspiration from folk music tradition of the coastal area. Middle Age ballads, tunes and traditional Nordic folk dance music gets a new form with the band’s jazzy touch. Compositions are made by the band’s pianist Ralf Nyqvist.