Åland Sea Jazz is organized by a new association, Åland Jazz rf.


The festival was organized last year by Jazz City Turku. Now a new association, Åland Jazz rf. takes the lead. The plans for summer 2022 are in full swing and Saturday’s tickets can be bought via Tickster or Tiketti. Tickets for Friday will be sold later during the Spring.

One of the 2021 organizers, Bosse Mellberg, depicts how Åland Sea Jazz had a successful concert in a boat building hall at The Maritime Quarter of Mariehamn. Before the concert a local boatmaker said that “fortunately it doesn’t rain”, to which we answered that due to a possible risk of rain we wanted to organize the concert indoors. We then found out that during rain the noise from the sheet metal roof is infernal. Luckily, we were able to enjoy the concert on a sunny weather and it became a success. We don’t want to take the “rain inferno” risk and for that reason Friday’s concerts 2022 will be held at Bio Savoy – which means a wonderful salon and a bar in the middle of the town.

Saturday’s concerts are organized at Alandica Culture & Congress Centre where we were also last year. As in jazz, in Alandica the roof is high and the walls are wide!

Jam sessions are at Hotel Arkipelag like in 2021. The renovation work has advanced and this time we will be at the second floor. Entrance is at the hotel’s South end. The jam sessions will be held on both evenings after the concerts.

There are now four associations within the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series, each organizing their own festivals. We have many common factors: we enjoy being close to water, we all have a high-class program and we care for the Baltic Sea.

We are summer!